A Few Words From the Publisher

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Friends, Republicans, and other fellow travellers,

Four score and 11 days ago, when “The Trumponicles” began— now in its XXIst episode, the most popular feature in the history of The Marvin Kitman Show (est. 1969), being seen, if not read, by 1.2 million on The Internet (approx.) —it was conceived as a series of letters to the president.

We didn’t expect them to be read. The president doesn’t read intelligence briefings before going into secret meetings with Putin or making nuclear threats disappear after drinking tea with his best bud, Chairman Kim.

As it has been explained, the president doesn’t read much of anything, except Page Six in the New York Post. But only that part of it which was about him and his exploits as a real estate mogul and a romantic idol that seemed to be dating every celebrity model du jour, while still married. Making Page Six was his highest goal in life; becoming president was lagniappe.

I don’t do Twitter, where these letters might have caught his attention. Nobody is perfect.

I write to the president as a Registered Republican.

Some of my best friends still can’t believe I am a Republican. How could such an Intelligent, handsome, tall person who actually reads books be a Republican?

Actually, I am a Lincoln Republican. It used to be the party that was strong on civil rights, the right to vote, a single nation under the Constitution, and veracity, whose leader was known as “Honest Abe.” I even ran for President as a Lincoln Republican in 1964. I lost. (See the official campaign biography, “The Number One Best Seller,” Dial Press, 1966. That was the title, not the sales report).

I am also a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. Under TR, it was the party that broke up the trusts, fought Wall Street, the big banks and corporations who were enemies of the people and free enterprise, and created the national parks, of which the current version of the party is diminishing, in the name of improving the environment.

Furthermore. I am an Eisenhower Republican, in the sense that I liked Ike’s crusade in Europe more than the current POTUS crusade to throw our Western allies under the bus and suck up to the Russians.

As one of the four last Eisenhower Republicans (two of whom are John and David Eisenhower), I still appreciate Ike being first in warning us about the military industrial complex!

And let’s not forget, I am one of those Republicans who are still an avowed anti-communist.

The Republican Party of today is the party of Lincoln, the car, the tunnel, and being soft on communism. We Republicans made hunting Reds in government and the arts the nation’s second favorite indoor sport, next to watching TV and Joe McCarthy waving lists of Reds in the State Department. Our Republicans currently sitting in Congress are gutless cowards, afraid to bring up our hallowed past to a president who is an ignoramus about history. They have nothing to fear but the president’s tweets, which apparently is too much.

The Republican Party of today would have made the Attorney General’s list of subversive organizations under the Smith Act.

But I digress.

There are those who can’t stand to look at the President of Some of the People all the Time on TV. Others can’t take the sound of his voice.

I’m in a third group, seeing and hearing him on the TV news makes me nauseated.

Nevertheless, I continue to do my duty as a well-informed citizen and as a detriment to my health and sanity continue watching the hijinks of the most inexperienced, unqualified president in our history.

The first 1,000 days since the coming of the Messiah to the Republican Party so far hasn’t converted me to believe in the president’s policies, such as they are.

He campaigned on a platform of making the Trump family rich again and asking not what you can do for your country, but what the country can do for Ivanka’s brands, Jared’s troubled real estate holdings, increased hotel and golf club profits. The first Trump Years have been more than successful.

At the risk of losing readers who are sick and tired of the subject, the publishers and the Kitman Foundation that underwrites these contributions to the public weal, we will have more to say about these issues and others in future letters.

Suffice it to say now, let us hope the president is going to pay more attention to the job. He’s got a big learning curve, given all of his above stated handicaps.

In conclusion, I will stick my neck out as a pundit and say, the man is the best president we have.

If this be treason, make the most of it.



Marvin Kitman,
Publisher, Editor, Columnist, Executive Producer, et al.
August 6, 2018

The opinions expressed above are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Kitman Industries Ltd.

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789.” “George Washington’s Expense Account” by Gen. George Washington and Marvin Kitman PFC (Ret.) was the best-selling expense account in publishing history.