We of the Justaminutemen organization are stunned, and infuriated.

How is it possible that a man who in an (almost) honest election, who in less than a fortnight will be the leader of the greatest power in the civilized world…

A man who has surrounded himself in his cabinet with the most awesome collection of generals and billionaires in our history…

A man who says he knows all that’s going on by watching TV news, and doesn’t need the usual presidential intelligence briefings…

How could such a peerless, well-informed individual not know the Russians were hacking our nation’s most sacred institution, a free, accurate, reliable, electoral system where every citizen’s vote counts equally?

What we Justaminutemen want to know is he joking or is he serious?

Unquestioned credible election results are the hallmark of American democracy, in our opinion, the best in the world. For centuries, there has been no need for international monitoring agencies to observe if our elections are on the up and up, unlike some Third World nations or even Russian elections.

Since the days of Lenin and Stalin, the communist democratic tradition can roughly be described as 98% of its citizens having the freedom to vote for a single candidate. The other 2%, the nyet- vote, are in the Gulag thinking over the wisdom of complaining about the lack of candidates and other crimes against the state).

Could it be possible, as our next president has argued, that if such a thing as hacking has occurred, it was done by a 400-pound kid, or any other nation, including the planet of Mungo.

Could it really be possible that the next president did not believe that our friends, the Russians, were not meddling in our electoral process, putting a heavy thumb on the scale, so to speak?

We the Justaminutemen are just asking, in our mission of reconnoiter and assessment, finding out, to use the secret military code, WTF?

Of course, there is always the possibility that by now, as this is being written, he has come to his senses by tweeting, characters to the effect, he never said he didn’t believe the charges of Russian interventionism, whatever he wrote in the past, as the crooked media reported. Such horrible people. So sad.

Secondly, he might be tweeting now the results of the so-called thorough investigation spread before the nation last Friday are inconclusive. What would you expect from corrupt biased intelligence agencies that are conducting a political witch-hunt? So bad.

As the rank and file of the Justaminutemen see it, the issue is whom do we believe?

The three best intelligence agencies we have, the combined massed brainpower of the CIA, FBI and the NSA coming to the conclusion yes, indeed, it was the fine Russian hand of the next president’s best bud, V. Putin. Well, Doubting Donald might argue, they don’t call them “The Three Blind Mice” for nothing.

On the other head, we have a president-elect who is a proven congenital liar, a man of whom it has been said, if his mouth is open he is lying, a man who suffers from an acute case of Tourette Syndrome that makes him say the first lie that comes into his hair.

When caught in a whopper by crooked dishonest fact-checkers, he magically comes up with another lie.

Take the business of the biggest lie of all, the great wall south of the border. “Believe me, the Mexicans will pay for it.”

It turns out the Mexicans have nada pesos for the wall.

So now, it’s the gringos, American taxpayers who will be billed.

Perhaps, we will be learning through the Official OPTUS Twitter account, the wall is the first plank in the promised infrastructure spending that will be yooooogge. It could also be paid for by the First Family selling ad space on the wall. The naming rights (Ford in Your Future Wall) could make America even Greater.

It is the Justaminutemen’s considered opinion that if the next president will be using the two- pronged Trumpian Initiative-- by lying and playing the Ostrich Card---we are in, to use the proper diplomatic language, deep doo doo.

For other reasons why your Justaminutemen are also terrified, as well as stunned, about the coming of the First Trump Administration, follow the Justaminutemen emergency communiqués on Face Book, Twitter, and the most reliable website at

God save the Republic!



Marvin Kitman,
For the Justaminutemen
Jan. 10, 2017

(*) The Russians are coming; The Russians are coming.

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789.” “George Washington’s Expense Account” by Gen. George Washington and Marvin Kitman PFC (Ret.) was the best-selling expense account in publishing history.