A Republican’s Confession

Lincoln & Roosevelt - 1905 Lincoln Dinner Address

I am a registered Republican—the worst kind, a reactionary Republican, a real conservative compared to the hard core moderates like Scott Walker and Rick Perry, whose ideas only go back to McKinley (1900). My ideas go back to Lincoln (1864)—I am for bringing the South back in the Union—and Roosevelt (Theodore).

As a TR Republican, I am still in favor of breaking up the trusts, like the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. And I still wear my “Win With Willkie” 1940 campaign button proudly. He favored bipartisanship, even though there was a war on (WWII). With such backward ideas, I guess that makes me a member of the lunatic wing of the party.

I’ve taken a lot of abuse for being a Republican from my family. They are all Democrats. They were Democrats in Lithuania before migrating to Pittsburgh as draft-dodgers (the Russo-Japanese War of 1904) in time to vote against Taft in 1908. He still holds the record for being the fattest president (300 plus pounds).

There were the Reagan Years. My family couldn’t understand how my hero was going to balance the budget and increase arms spending, as he promised in his 1980 campaign.

That was easy, as I explained about the trillions later added to the deficit. Have two sets of books.

The Bush Years were painful. It was hard to explain how we could bring peace to Mesopotamia, where the folks have been killing each other for 5,000 years. Look it up in the Bible. They didn’t even have a word for “democracy” —until Bush II tried it out in Iraq. All of which left us with even more trillions in debt —and no gratitude. But who’s counting in the party of fiscal prudence?

I have been thinking of my heritage ever since our party took over both houses of Congress after 2014, promising to bring responsible government to Washington. The party of do nothing —other than oppose anything Obama— would be the party of do something, whatever it might be.

What has happened since that glorious day in American history is that today there are two major parties in the nation. Democrats and Libertarians.

The Republican Party — formerly one of the two best parties in the country — is now a minority party with two wings: the traitors and loyalists.

The traitors are led by the 47 senators who may some day be indicted for treason under the Logan Act and/or the Smith Act. IMO, they should be sent to Fort Leavenworth where they will be required to take mandatory remedial American History 101 courses. Every day, as punishment they will be forced to write on the wall of their cells one hundred times the Constitution, which explains powers allotted to various branches of government.

Unless that violates the cruel and unusual punishment provision.

Having gotten all of this off my chest, I can say I am embarrassed by the party today.

We have become the party that wants to stop people from voting…that still considers Medicare socialized or even Communist medicine… that wants to eliminate the safety net, preferring people starve to death than take demeaning food stamps... that believes going into bankruptcy paying medical bills is better than using affordable insurance.

But those were the good things, compared to what is coming down the pike if Ted Cruz is the next president.

I was reminded of this hearing the good news that the junior senator from Texas is the first of the team of wannabees in the so-called Republican Party to actually end the mystery of wanting to be president of the United States.

To use a four-letter word, Cruz is an idiot.

The darling of the bomb-throwing wing of the party, Cruz made a name for himself as a freshman senator, trying to block funding for Pres. Obama’s health law in 2013. His subversive tactics resulted in a partial closure of the federal government, something Marxists and other terrorists dreamed of in their wildest fantasies.

His ingenious tactics make him the candidate of choice for the suicidal wing of the party, those strict Constitutionalists who don’t believe the Constitution delegates the president the duty to make foreign policy and defend the Republic. And they will do it again if they don’t get their way! Amen.

Cruz, now the front runner, and others of his ilk in the Gang of Nine, soon to follow his strategy of coming out of the closet, are all trying to appeal to the voters in states like South Carolina whose people seem to live in a delusional parallel of universe, out of touch with reality, which guarantee failure at the polls on the national level.

If only there was an eleventh amendment, I mean commandment: Thou shalth not shutteth thy government down. So help us God.

If you ask me the whole coming campaign, which will mesmerize the nation, is an audition for the Huckabee chair of broadcast journalism at Fox News in 2016.



Marvin Kitman
March 23, 2015

Marvin Kitman was the media critic at Newsday. His column, “The Marvin Kitman Show,” began on Dec. 7, 1969, a day that still lives in infamy, according to network executives. On April 1, 2005, he stepped down from his position of power. As he explained, “Newsday gave me a tryout, and after 35 years we decided it wasn’t working out.” He is the author of nine books.

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