A New Jersey Republican Talks to Himself About the Biggest Issue of the Day

Cersei Lannister Clinton

The Way I See It

The best policy initiative to come out of an all-Republican Congress, since the 1927-9 Coolidge administration (Session #70), in the name of responsible governance, was demonstrated in the current Congress (#114):

Get nothing done, except blame Obama for everything.

With the Big O gone in 2017, our party’s representatives will need to try something more creative.

Instead of just trying to find more new ways of doing away with Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, affordable health insurance, as usual, I predict the first order of business of the 115th Congress will be the impeachment.

Of who?

Why, President Clinton.

On what grounds?

Benghazi, of course.

The last one—the ninth in a series— was a quickie.

Only one witness being grilled under the hot lights for 11 hours —in a single day!

Why was the Select House Committee in such a hurry?

They only had 17 months preparing the case. But the hearing was inconclusive.

How do I know?

Well, they didn’t find her guilty, of whatever it was she was supposed to have done. Why else would there have been so many hearings, if she weren’t guilty.

What was her crime?

Basically, as the head of the State Department, she should have been proactive, anticipating events. It didn’t matter that in the whole history of the State Department, it has never been proactive, it always is re-active. Especially in the Middle East, where we always pick the losing side.

273 questions over 8½ hours, and they couldn’t find anything? It was enough to make you lose respect for Congress.

They had 50,000 pages of documents!

Did they bother to read them?

We had a number of Republican former prosecutors on the committee.

They bungled the questioning. Prosecutors don’t ask questions unless they know the answers. Then they stitch them together so the witness looks guilty, regardless of the truth.

Didn’t our guys ever watch “The Good Wife” or even “Perry Mason?”

The prosecuting team was totally disorganized. Nobody knew what the others were doing, kept bumping into each other in he chaos. I’m still surprised a fistfight or hair pulling hadn’t ensued.

And who was this guy “Sidney Blumenthal” they kept asking about?

A tenth hearing is being scheduled in this Congress, according to committee members. Some day soon.

Well, practice makes perfect.

But we wont get to the bottom of Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi until an impeachment in the House of Representatives with a special independent counsel who spends two years of leaking stories to Fox News.

I nominate as the independent counsel, Chris Christie of New Jersey.

At present our governor is 18th or 19th in the 17 horses in the run for the roses known as the Republican presidential nomination. His chance of getting the party nod next July at the convention is not good, unless the race went to the heaviest candidate.

As I speak, Fox Business Network already has relegated him to a claiming race for the next debate (Tuesday night in Milwaukee).

His getting the Veep place on the ticket is questionable. No candidate is likely to select him, knowing the results of Mitt Romney’s team vetting him in 2012.

But he’s more than qualified to play the role of Ken Starr in this second Clinton Impeachment. As he bragged in the second debate, he was a former federal prosecutor. He’s tested and tough.

In his job as the chief federal enforcement officer in New Jersey, he fought corruption and fraud at the state, county and local levels in a state famous for both. He had the luck of being U.S. Attorney in a state where corruption and fraud grow like blueberries.

In his seven years in office, he handled 130 cases. True, most of them were Democrats.

Ah impeachment! What better way to get nothing done in a Congress, while seeming to earn their paychecks?

Yes, sir, this could be the mother of all impeachments, especially when you compare Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi to her husband’s sexual peccadilloes.

It will also be in the tradition of Clinton impeachments. No Clinton, it can be argued, has ever served in the White House without an impeachment proceeding.

In short, the impeachment of Clinton II is a win-win for our party, if not for the country.

If the Freedom Caucus—that citadel of democracy in the House—doesn’t get its way about a Hillary impeachment, they can always do the patriotic American thing and shut the government down.

Meanwhile, special independent counsel Chris Christie will emerge as a hero to the base, a crusading iconic figure even bigger than Ken Starr –think Tom Dewey, the crime fighting DA of New York — and become a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.


Marvin Kitman
November 6, 2015

The writer is chairman of “Christie for President in 2024,” a non-profit New Jersey organization, dedicated to getting the governor out of the state before he does any more damage.