A Patriot Defends His President

I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!

The North Koreans have some nerve in calling our president “a mentally deranged dotard.”

He may sometimes seem like he needs to seek professional help for his narcissistic personality disorder, goofy, dim-witted, if not downright stupid, a fascist, a man who knows nothing about governing…

He may be a spoiled brat, who grew up to become a first-class megalomaniac, a corporate cheat, prevaricator, scoundrel, and the poster boy of Fake News, a real estate gonif.

But he is no dotard!

Not that we in New Jersey know exactly what a dotard is. It may have been a Spellczech error in transmission (for retard?). Or some obscure Korean curse word. The ultimate insult in Chinese, for example, is calling someone a turtle.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Trump USA Inc., we believe in free elections. If we the minority of the people elect a dotard, whatever it is, so be it. He is our dotard, and mentally deranged or not, deserves all the respect he is getting from elsewhere in the free world.

Admittedly, our dotard has displayed some strange behavior since taking office.

For instance, he wrote 17 Twitters in four days about the way our national heroes, NFL players, were not respecting the flag. Those “sons of bitches,” as he called them, should be fired by the team owners for expressing their opinions by kneeling.

Is that deranged, we ask you?

17 Twitters over one long weekend! No sitting, or kneeling, president has ever done that! Awesome. Credit where credit is due, we in New Jersey always say.

And he still hasn’t mentioned there may be some very fine fellows in the NFL ranks, as he did about the neo–Nazis in Charlottesville.

Why shouldn’t he be Twittering about football? It’s something he should know about, having failed big time with a team during his youth, just one of the many failures a four-time bankrupt business genius has amassed. Better he should be obsessed with football than all the other aspects of the job of governing, of which by now he is a proven klutz.

This is not to say we agree with him about kneeling. There is something religious about taking a knee. Turning your back is more of an insult.

There were those who said our dotard was playing the race card as distraction. From what, the North Koreans might well ask?

Well, there was the Puerto Rican crisis, which he ignored on Twitter for a week, finally acknowledging, among other things, that our commonwealth was an island, and implying they were a bunch of welshers for being so heavily in debt.

Then there was “that Russian thing,” the witch-hunt with Counselor Mueller and two Congressional committees stirring their investigative pots.

Not to mention inciting a possible nuke war with North Korea that could destroy the planet.

Now I’m not saying our dotard is perfect. He has a truth- impairment problem. Every time he opens his mouth we know he is lying. He lied his way through the affordable care act cock-up. So what if 23 million, many of his people, would lose their health insurance. Now he is saying his tax reform is good for the middle class, whose typical home is Trump Towers.

He also has anger management issues, as he demonstrated during his maiden address at the UN last week. He seemed to find fault with all of our enemies in the world, except the Russians.

Not since Khrushchev banged his shoe on the rostrum has there been such diplomacy.

The two men who need haircuts may not have been Talleyrand vs. Metternich at the Congress of Vienna of 1814, which settled the state of Europe after Waterloo. But they are great TV.

Our dotard had already called the honorable leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea a “bad dude” and “a maniac.” And now he was using the world stage to insult him as “The Rocket Man.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, off the floor he amended that epithet to “Little Rocket Man.” Everybody knows what little means in our dotard’s thesaurus of insults.

Any Twitter now, the president might refer to the North Korean leader as a gook. Bush the First referred to his grandfather as “a Pygmy.”

As I was hiding behind my TV critic’s La-Z Boy, and the words Like “frightened dog” and “a gangster fond of playing with fire” ricocheted around my TV den in New Jersey I was reminded of the early tabloid TV news days of “The Jerry Springer Show,“ and the high-brow “Geraldo Rivera Show” with skinheads interrupting debates by invading the stage, throwing chairs and breaking Geraldo’s nose.

Enough of this testimonial.

What I worry about is that our dotard is enjoying all the attention he is getting for threatening to start a fire and fury nuke blast off with his pal. He’s liable to pull the whole house down by accident, given his incompetence in governance.

I could sleep better at night if the two masters of their domain would agree to fight it out in a sumo wrestling world championship bout, a pay- TV event at the Caesars in Vegas or any Trump hotel of his choice.


Marvin Kitman
September 28, 2017

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789”, HarperCollins, and in paperback, Grove Press, available at Amazon and quality book-sellers. His other books include “George Washington’s Expense Account” by Gen. George Washington and Marvin Kitman, PFC (Ret.). Google them.